The company

Quality and experience are our hallmarks.

Tecnofruta Levante, S.L. is an innovative company focused on quality and service, always in search of customer satisfaction.
Created in 1995 by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in modern technologies for the fruit and vegetable sector.
Where a specialized installation is needed, TECNOFRUTA team is available to make it come true.

The symbol of TECNOFRUTA is the “apple” and it gives meaning to our essential mission. The “apple” symbolizes the most delicate thing to handle in the world of fruit, and being able to work with it, makes us feel proud.
There are many services we offer and include practically all the machinery for treatment and selection of fruit and vegetables, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. If you may need it, we can build it.

Projects tailored to your needs

customized design and manufacture

TECNOFRUTA has a solution for almost every types of fruit and vegetables to the calibration, sorting and grading processes.
Specialized facilities, designed by TECNOFRUTA, include electronic sorting in both traditional cup, in all size formats and smart chain, from small fruit such as apricot, plum, etc to large fruit such as melon.
For almost every type of fruit or vegetable, TECNOFRUTA has a grading solution (from garlic to cucumbers and from apricot to water-melon).
The TECNOFRUTA LEVANTE offer includes:
  • Technology in Post-harvest machinery for fruit and vegetables
  • Industrial automation “made in TECNOFRUTA”
  • Electronic gauges by weight, diameter and color
  • Complete lines for treatment and calibration of Fruits and vegetables
  • Weighers, dump trucks, fillers, etc …


Hundreds of successful facilities are our guarantee.

For small warehouses and productions, TECNOFRUTA designs facilities of great economy and practicality. For citrus and other resistant fruits, lines are made including weighers and automatic granell filling machines. The automation of operations is guaranteed through electrical and electronic installations carried out by specialized TECNOFRUTA personnel.

Our highly qualified staff is prepared to face any challenge that may arise. Each facilitie is conceived, designed, manufactured, transported and commissioned according to the needs of each customer. In this way the maximum adaptation to the productive processes of the client is achieved in the shortest possible time and always complying with the highest quality standards of the sector and the current law regulations.