Calibrator CMA-2 for garlic and onions

Last generation electronic calibrator model CMA-2 for garlic and onions.



Manufactured with profiles and plates enamelled in the oven. Classification by galvanized steel meshes with a pre-established diameter, both garlic and onions and some types of fruits and vegetables. The product is separated according to its diameter, from lowest to highest. Tecnofruta Levante exclusive drums and extractors, prevent the product to be calibrated from being trapped between the holes in the mesh and being crushed. Each calibration module has an independent system of vibration of the mesh, adjustable depending on the product.


  • Galvanized metal mesh of own manufacture and indeformable diameter.
  • Length of the modules variable depending on the work to be carried out.
  • Departures prepared to fill according to needs, boxes, bags, palots, or feed an automatic pallet filling line.

GARLICModule length700 mm900 mm1200 mm1500 mm
CMA-1930 mm2000 kg/h3500 kg/h5000 kg/h6500 kg/h
CMA-21230 mm2500 kg/h4000 kg/h5500 kg/h7000 kg/h
CMA31700 mm3300 kg/h4800 kg/h6300 kg/h7800 kg/h
CMA-52285 mm7800 kg/h9300 kg/h10800 kg/h18000 kg/h

ONIONModule length700 mm900 mm1200 mm1500 mm
CMA-1930 mm2800 kg/h4900 kg/h7000 kg/h9100 kg/h
CMA-21230 mm3500 kg/h5600 kg/h7700 kg/h9800 kg/h
CMA31700 mm4600 kg/h6700 kg/h8800 kg/h10900 kg/h
CMA-52285 mm10900 kg/h9300 kg/h15000 kg/h25000 kg/h

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