The Company

TECNOFRUTA LEVANTE, SL is an innovative company oriented for Quality and Service, minded “customer-oriented”.
Created in 1995 by professionals with over 30 years experience in modern technologies for fruit and vegetable sector.
There where you need a specialized installation, there are teams from TECNOFRUTA.
The TECNOFRUTA symbol is the “apple”. And this gives meaning to our essential mission. The “apple” symbolizes the most delicate to deal in the world of fruit, and we are proud to work with it.
The services we offer are many and include practically all the machinery for the processing, sorting and grading of fruit and vegetables, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.  If you may need, we can manufacture it.

The offer of TECNOFRUTA covers:
  • Technology in post-harvest equipment for fruit and vegetables.
  • Industrial Automation ” made in TECNOFRUTA”.
  • Electronic Sizers by weight, diameter and color.
  • Complete Grading & Sorting Lines for fruit and vegetables.
  • Weighing machines, Dumpers, Bin fillers, etc.
  • Periphery equipment.
Specialized facilities, designed by TECNOFRUTA, include electronic sorting in both traditional cup, in all size formats, and Smart chain, from small fruit such as apricot, plum, etc. to large fruit such as melon.
For almost every type of fruit or vegetable, TECNOFRUTA has a grading solution (from garlic to cucumbers and from apricot to water-melon).
For small productions, TECNOFRUTA can design facilities of great economy and practicality.
For citrus and other resistant fruits TECNOFRUTA produce lines including weighing machines and automatic fillers (bulk).
The automation of operations is ensured by electrical and electronic installations carried out by specialized personnel of TECNOFRUTA.