Melon and watermelon brusher

Garlic brusher with telescopic tapes.



Manufactured in painted steel sheet. Melons and watermelons are brushed dry, using 20 brushes of natural hair brushes, with rotation and an upper set of 6 bars of mixed hair, adjustable in height. It consists of variable speed and lower tray for dust collection.


  • 20 Ø140 wavy brush bars with natural hair x 1.25 m.
  • Height adjustable motorized brushing system with 6 Ø290 brushed bars of mixed hair.
  • Side panels with black nylon hair to avoid bumps and scratching on the fruit.
  • Chain drives of ¾” for brush bars.
  • Motor-variator of 1.10Kw.
  • 2 lower trays for the collection of dust and dirt made with folded stainless steel plate.
  • Telescopic legs adjustable in height and side protections made of stainless steel plate.

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