Pepper and melon washer and dryer

Washer and dryer for the treatment of pepper and melon, model LF1250 made of stainless steel Aisi304.



Washing and drying takes place in different areas, specified in the technical characteristics. Optionally, a by-pass canvas can be installed when the product is not required to be washed.


  • Double moto-reductor of 1,10Kw with variable speed for the rotation of the brushes.
  • Section of double showers for the washing of the fruit with water of net, endowed with tubes of stainless steel Aisi304, curtains of antacid rubber, shower support structure made of stainless steel Aisi304 and electro-valve in the water inlet connected to control box of the installation.
  • Motorized sweeper product extractor with 4 5 mm PVC curtains and rear stop for rigidity, with drag chains made of stainless steel, 0.37Kw gear reducer with electronic speed variator. The fruit extractor will be programmed according to the customer’s instructions.
  • Shafts for all the bars that make up the machine, made of galvanized steel, transmission system with cadenas “chains and sprockets, nylon guides in central part for cadena” chain and 1 calibrated steel guide in the motorization area for Avoid wear. Complete bars with PVC washers mounted on both sides to prevent water from entering the transmission system. Last position bar outside the structure of the machine to minimize descent.
  • Bars with Ø115 nylon brushes in the washing area.
  • Bars with hair brushes mix Ø115 in the presecado area.
  • Bars with brushes of natural hair Ø115 in drying area.
  • Lower scrapers for the bars with nylon hair brushes, natural hair and mixed hair.
  • Inner bars for the separation of processes manufactured with steel tubes.
  • stainless steel Aisi304 – Ø115.

  • Section of natural air drying with 8 helical fans of 0.33Kw mounted on stainless steel structure Aisi304 with PVC curtains.
  • Chassis with telescopic legs adjustable in height.
  • Panels mounted on the upper part of the washing machine, manufactured with folded stainless steel plate, for the closing of the machine.
  • 2 Curtains made with stainless steel brackets and anti-acid rubber curtain mounted at the entrance and exit of the machine.
  • Lower trays with drainage channel made with folded stainless steel plate and easy access with handles on the sides to extract them.
  • Side covers made of Aisi430 stainless steel plate.
  • Electrical panel and electrical installation with all the necessary electrical elements to command all the maneuvers to be carried out in the washing machine.

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