Double Counter CON-1

Automatic double counters for garlic model CON-1



The CON-1 model is the perfect complement for CAR-114,3 calibrators. By taking advantage of the weighing excellence of the calibrator, the combinations of heads of garlic to make the meshes according to the requirements of the customers is made much easier and avoids unnecessary waste in plastic meshes, labels, staples and other components. This results in immediate savings in material, labor and, above all, avoids contamination by waste. It is also possible to incorporate a weighing control system if an electronic calibrator is not available. This ensures that each mesh has the pre-established weight.


  • Lanes of independent bi-cones x 3.50 or 5.10 m. long, independent motors with electronic speed variator.
  • Rotation system independent and controlled by motor reductor with electronic variator of speed.
  • Chassis made of steel and painted in the oven.
  • Side protections made of stainless steel.
  • Telescopic legs adjustable in height.
  • Padded product reception hopper with gray adhesive tape, independent channels for dosing the product to the counter, activated by magnetic vibrators.
  • Double hopper for the reception of heavy loads with pneumatic blades, for distribution to the two rows according to request.
  • General electrical panel with independent counted program for each of the lanes, adjustment of the number of pieces to be counted from the front of the panel and complete electrical installation with all the necessary electrical elements.

Weight control system for counted pieces:

  • Frame to support the aligners.
  • Stainless steel sheet channels for discarding.
  • High efficiency and precision load cells.
  • Electric panel and input panel weighing ranges.
  • Expulsion control of the counted pieces according to their weight.

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