Bulk weigher PGC-1 and PGC-2

Automatic weighing machine in bulk model PGC-1 and PGC-2.



The automatic weighing machine PGC-1 and PGC-2 has the most appreciated characteristic to avoid that the product is struck. It has a filling system whose weighing hopper moves in a vertical direction, going down to the height at which the box is empty and rising as it fills. The ascent takes place in function of the weight registered in the box during the filling. Each hopper is fed by a conveyor/feeder for coarse product and another for fine, which allows to obtain a greater precision until reaching the preset weight per case.
The PGC-1 model is designed for delicate fruit and peppers. It allows the preparation of dishes of up to 10 kg, although it is normally used for ranges of 5 to 6 kg.
The model PGC-2 allows the filling of boxes of 20 kg of citrus and has a vibrator that accommodates the content.


  • Minimum dimension = 1,000 x 3000 mm.
  • Classification system: Bulk weight.
  • Working speed: 4 boxes per minute.
  • Electric power: 1,25 Cv.
  • Type of connection: 3 phases, neutral and ground.
  • Type of painting: Baked enamel.
  • Protection of transmissions: Defenses in stainless steel.
  • Accuracy of weight: +/- 10 gr.
  • Weighing system: Using load cells of 75Kg and output 0 to 20 mV.
  • Approximate weight: 150 Kg.
  • Communication mode: RS232.
  • Speed ​​regulation: Electronic frequency converters.

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