Bins dump with unstacked and stacked

Automatic box emptier, continuous cycle mod. VCN-1 to feed a line of work.



The filled bins are placed in stacks of 3 or 4 according to their size and are turned by a self-regulating saddle height of bin. A canvas conveyor protects and accompanies the fruits in the emptying to avoid knocks. The empty pallet is driven with pneumatic blades, to the top where they are stacked automatically and accumulate until they are removed.
Depending on the available space and the location of the machinery, this emptying machine can be manufactured with the upper stacking of the bins, lateral stacking, front stacking, etc …


  • Box introducer module at three lower front heights by means of chain conveyor. Top box pickup at three heights from the front too.
  • Box depalletizer module in bottom part and palletizer in top part. Elevator by means of photocell of control of hollow blades.
  • Continuous turning module covering the box with mobile conveyor belt regulated the advance with dosing photocell, with self-adjustment of height palot by photocell in the dump chair.
  • Guidance module of the box from the overturned to the upper chain extractor, by means of pneumatic clamps to empty the empty pallet to the upper module. Electrical panel by PLC and touch screen for control and handling of dump.
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