Box dumper

Dump box model NORIA VGC-2 for the emptying of field boxes in line of work.



Field boxes are overturned and the product is directed to the next phase of the process. The box arrives, normally through a chain conveyor, to the input rollers of the dump and is caught between the two belts and flipped for unloading, leaving the product and being deposited in the next machine of the line. The box is expelled by a higher level and slides down a ramp to a comfortable height to be collected. The speed is adjustable according to the line of work.


  • Variable speed drive.
  • Gravity roller curve output empty boxes.
  • Exit sheet for empty boxes.
  • Motorized roller curve input field boxes.
  • Transporter with long canvas 2.000 mm feeding boxes full of field at the bottom.
  • Electrical switchboard.

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